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Seattle Mennonite Church
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Seattle, WA
United States
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Phone: (206) 361-4630
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E-mail: office@seattlemennonite.org
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This virtual presence on the web was provided for us by Mennonite.net in hopes that you'll join us for worship in the near future.

Please visit our web site at www.seattlemennonite.org for more information.

Blessings to you.

Seattle Mennonite Church
NO WORSHIP ON JANUARY 17 The weekend of January 15-17 the SMC community will be on retreat at Camp Camrec.  If you had planned to visit us, we’re sorry you...
Seattle Peace Lecture Jan 31, 2016 ? Palwasha Kakar, U.S. Institute of Peace Our annual peace lecture will be Sunday, January 31, 2016 featuring Palwasha Kakar, an Afghan-American Muslim with Mennonite background who know works for the US...
Singing the Hits: Praise, Prophecy and Blessing A month or so ago I invited myself along with my friend Carrie and her daughter to their Catholic parish for the living rosary.  ...
What is this Space? Gathering and Connecting I love a subversive story. Not because I am particularly subversive in my actions or words, in fact, I love a subversive story precisely because...
Devouring Stones, Birthing Stones Mark 12:38-44 Jesus is in the temple.  He has been in the temple now for a couple chapters.  He entered it turning over the tables...
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